Reading Technologies, Inc. started in 1987 with just one patent for a high  quality filter. Today, our product line numbers over 1000 different models– and counting. RTI is continuously moving forward and adapting to various compressed air applications worldwide.  When only the finest and cleanest air will do, look to RTI to meet all of your needs.

Patented “Inverse Flow™” Filter/Dryers

  • Cartridge-less water separation (95% of condensed water never sees media)
  • Superior water separation
  • Depth Filtration (Air penetrates 4″ of filter media versus 1/8″ of competitors)
  • Harsh Application Service (Worst contaminants in air stream never reach filter media. The balance only encounters bottom of media bed)

Finer Filtration

  • Single/First Stage (1 Micron absolute vs 5-25 Micron nominal)
  • Coalescers (99.99998% at 0.01 Micron)
  • Desiccants
    (Built in 1 Micron final filter; top grade desiccant media with low dust emissions)

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